Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Three years, Five months, and Twenty-six days.

This month, I feel more like myself than I have in the past three years, five months, and twenty-six days.

In those 1,276 days, I have been through the following:

1.  Brain surgery and recovery

2. Four new jobs. The latest is the most amazing!

3. Four broken hearts (although I think only three were intentional)

4. A legal battle (still unresolved)

5. A return to (and somewhat of a departure from) the Catholic church.

6. Visited Canada. A lot.

7. Started living more in the moment because I finally understand that our time here is short and I want to live.

8. I helped a friend who needed more support than I thought I could give, and I think I'm now more his family than his family is his family.

9. Gained a new best friend who would do anything for me, just as I would do anything for him.

10. Began volunteering for a noble cause with a health organization nearby.

11. Returned to the fold of music. It's everywhere - my volunteer activities, my leisure activities, my relationship (my boyfriend is in charge of two music organizations in the area).

12. Joined German language groups.

13. Committed more to my writing group.

14. Started selling my endless amount of books on Amazon.

15. Started dancing - the Argentine tango!

16. Started to forgive some of those people who've wronged me (the serious wrongs).

17. Walked for a charity cause (Brain Aneurysm Foundation).

18.Was gifted a large saloon-style upright concert grand piano.

19. Helped friends find new partners and find new careers.

20. Removed some people from my circle of friends - people who were thwarting my progress.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Tango

A year ago, after heartbreak, I devoted my typically boyfriend-oriented Friday evenings to something new: dancing the Argentine Tango.

Since learning to "follow" a little more in my dancing life, I've applied that skill to a few other areas in my life with some success.

Granted, finding love last fall didn't pan out with that man, it set me up to become more involved in some educational endeavors that have now placed me on track to a return to my teaching career.

I tend to want to lead in most aspects of my life, but "leading" by sharing my concerns, irritations, etc. is just not working.

Following a friend's suggestion, I stepped into the role of 'data entry clerk' in the health information management field. I have, for the most part, enjoyed this job, although my desire to return to teaching is always there, waiting to take that step forward.

In one year, I've lost love, found love, lost love again (but retained an amazing friend), networked, worked within the 'system' to get my life's desires again, met new people, said good-bye to several people, and generally followed the lead. Although I don't necessarily enjoy being a 'follower,' sometimes it's in the footsteps of others that we begin to understand them, their struggles, and all that we have in common. I can then take this knowledge and use it in ways that help me and those around me. I've begun teaching online, I volunteered a bit at the HIV center, I started a new job, I've performed music quite a bit, and I've gathered what appears to be an army to help in my fight to return to my career (doctors, therapists, social workers, insurance personnel, educators, and family). I even interviewed for a new teaching position and I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Tomorrow, my boyfriend and I (and one of my newer friends) will be embarking on a new Argentine Tango
journey. I hope that it builds more steps forward into my own personal journey, both in life and in love. If the fun, flirty leg kicks aren't enough, perhaps I'll venture down the street sometime and see if the Salsa will bring a little more spice into my life.

Friday, August 02, 2013


I made yet another mess. I took someone's words at face value. Due to right brain damage, I couldn't tell he was joking and I really insulted him and the woman he's seeing. I feel horrible. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well, hello there.

I took a break from writing online. Frankly, I wasn't feeling like anyone even cared, so I just stopped talking on here.

I'm doing well. I have a wonderful man in my life now. I am shocked to have found someone who approaches relationships the way I do. With the dating I've done in the past, I don't think I've ever before felt like I truly was a partner to the other person. It's a little strange still, but it's exciting and the guy is great. He might even be along for the adventure if I choose to move to Germany or Switzerland.

In other news, I am seeking a new place to teach. I am still technically employed by the district where I've been teaching since 2006, but I want change. I'm teaching in my free time, both as an online German teacher and as a private reading instructor for a friend's special needs client who wants to read better. Both part-time teaching experiences feel incredibly rewarding, and I am hoping they lead me to do more service in the world.

Monday, December 31, 2012


So sick of the bullshit.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winding Down

It's time for a pity party, at least that's what my brain is pushing for.

Taking stock of 2012....
Was in love at the beginning.
Had my heart broken via FB in March.
Reconnected with an old college friend in April.
Met a guy I was crazy about in May.
May-guy hurt my feelings in July.
Was given a piano by college friend's parents.
Cancer scare in July.
Started dating the old college friend in August.
Turned 32 in October.
Old college friend dumped me in November, but we remained close.
Had several issues with my employer that have resulted in taking a leave of absence (not my choice).
Auditioned for a timpanist position with a professional orchestra.
Completed my certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Feeling fed up with life as I know it. I want something better for myself.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bubi's, a band, and an Ex-boyfriend

I drove to that other country today to support a friend's band. My ex-boyfriend was there for a while. We did not speak. At one point, he just up and left - probably a reaction to my friend and I talking to his best friend (the band member). Thank you for showing me that you have no class, ex-boyfriend.

The band was good. I'm glad I went and supported the guys at their gig.

Dinner beforehand was delicious. I have plenty left over to enjoy tomorrow. Win! If you ever get a chance to visit Windsor, Ontario, Canada, you simply MUST try Bubi's Awesome Eats! (Oh, it's pronounced Bub - ees, FYI)

It's late, and I had a few too many thoughts rolling around this head of mine, so I should meditate and then sleep.